First-Time Writers: Welcoming The Editor

You've finished a major writing project! How long did it take? A year? Two? More? You should feel great about your accomplishment. A tiny percentage of would-be novelists, screenwriters, memoirists, etc. actually complete the project they set out to write. It takes incredible discipline, but for the next step, you're going to need a lot of humility. Any piece of writing, including this little bit, could use a good editor. It's quite likely your work will need a few rounds of edits before reaching its potential, but the first time your manuscript comes back from an editor and you look upon the hundreds, perhaps thousands of changes made or requested, you'll likely respond with disgust and despair.

Your work is not done when your first draft is completed. Verbosity, redundancy, loss of focus – these are common first-draft problems. Your editor is here to help. He is not your enemy, set to debase your baby. It's a difficult thing to pour the entirety of your creative self into a project only to have an impassive, soulless editor tear it down. But there's progress in the destruction. Trust me.

- Joe